My Motivation

Are there people in your life that without them, it would be so very dull and uninspiring? For me, of course, there’s the man who gives every part of himself to me, gives me time to write, time to read, time to simply be. Thank you, My Love, for being amazing in how you love me and your absolute faith in me! I am forever indebted to you, SugarBear! 😘

Then, of course, there’s my little boy. When I’m frustrated or just cannot get the sentence structure correct and I have to get away for a minute, he’s always right there, right by my side. Little Gizmo, he’s never met a stranger!

This is one of his poses. Sitting in my lap, looking behind him to make sure I’m ok and reading like I always should!!

Yes, there’s a lot about this profession that makes me roll my eyes (🙄)  and I always feel as if I’m behind. For those writers and professional readers out there with me, I am sure you either feel or have felt that way. Just know you’re not the only one and remember to be thankful for those most precious to you that back you, no matter what life throws your way!

OK, I gotta get back to it…

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