Why I’ve Been Silent

Hey gang! Just wanted you to know why I haven’t been posting much lately. I am currently at the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference and have been devoting myself to getting all the prep done to get here on time.
Once I return, I’ll be sharing so much that I learned and also begin having you guys help me with my novel. What I mean by that is I may have a scene that in theory could go either way. I’ll post both scenes and let y’all help me choose. Also, I’ve been contacted by a publisher since the conference so I will also be sharing that experience with you. So, get ready. This bad boy is about to get ramped up!

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Book Review – An Abundance of Katherines

**I am going to make this more of a review and NOT tell you everything that happens in the book. If you want to know so badly, READ IT! Ha!**

John Green has done it again! An Abundance of Katherines is a laugh out loud book with a poingant message. To quote Stefan from SNL, this book has everything: a self-proclaimed washed-up child-prodigy named Colin, a hilarious (to the point of tears pooling in my eyes funny at some of his remarks) Muslim sidekick named Hassan who only follows some of the tenets of Islam and doesn’t want to do anything except watch Judge Judy, a beautiful with no make-up on girl named Lindsey Lee Wells but still pretty with make-up (Gosh, I feel like I channeled Colin with that introduction), an saucy, truly smart, EMT-in-training who was prepared to stay in Buckshot, Tennessee, never go to college to be with a boy who she didn’t even like because he would never be leaving Buckshot, a woman named Hollis who ran the factory, loved the color pink and happened to be Lindsey’s momma and all-around good person who hired Colin and Hassan to get the oral history of the town of Gutshot, the supposed grave of Archduke Ferdinand, anagrams, math (don’t worry, you don’t actually have to DO any math), footnotes (actually worth reading – in fact, some of the most giggle-worthy moments come from footnotes [wow – that’s a sentence I never thought I would say]) and of course An Abundance of Katherines.

Green’s witty book is truly a coming-of age story with a twist. The twist is that while all the younger characters in the book do have an awakening of sorts; Green has left their future on the table. Maybe they’ll make something of their lives, maybe they won’t. Green doesn’t give us enough information regarding their awakening to know the outcome of their lives. And that is absolutely what he needed to do in a book like this. There are only two certainties in the book: one is that there have been 19 Katherines come in and out of Colin’s life (actually 18, but at 19 different times) and…I love you all TOO MUCH to spoil the other for you. Let me know if you figure out what that certainty is.

This book is different from A Fault in Our Stars in that (ok, here’s a SPOILER for both books) no one dies. This book is similar in the humor John Green brings to life situations that happen to all of us. (Statistically speaking, if we live long enough, we will all get cancer at some point because we have mutatated our DNA at some point – it’s true – I learned it in Bio 101 in college). But, ok, maybe we don’t live long enough to get cancer, but I bet we know someone who has it or has had it and can relate to A Fault in Our Stars from that perspective. And we have ALL (generalizing) gone through a breakup or two or nineteen. It happens. Life happens. And that is what John Green writes about so very well! I highly recommend this book. There are more fuggin’ (book reference you’ll appreciate once you’ve read it) hilarious moments in this book than I can name and although, it could be considered and should be considered a coming-of-age or an ‘awakening’ book, trust me, it is worth the read whether you are in your teens or your nineties.

This was a book I was sad to see end and that is exactly the kind of book I enjoy reading. I felt myself become a part of the gang not simply a voyeur watching as these lives opened up before me. And so, on a scale of 1-10, I give this book a solid 9. It would’ve been a 10 if I could have actually met these people, but then that would make me delusional and I don’t want that. Read it guys. Tell me what you think. Do you agree with my review or am I missing a glaring fault in this book? Ha. Get it?! Fault in the this book?! Get it?!

Kelli with 'An Abundance of Katherines'
Kelli with ‘An Abundance of Katherines’
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The joyous cries of children

splashing into the pool

remind me of a time when life was simpler

when life consisted of running in the backyard

dressed as your favorite superhero

using a stick to guide your way

when your Mom had to call you in for dinner

and you came grimy from the days events

and sleepy from the sun’s rays

Summertime brings the rains that nourish our grounds

and as a child this was the worse thing that could happen

because instead of running around outside

you had to play with your dolls

and you had already decided dollies were for winter only

Summertime flowers were everywhere for the picking

everyday you would bring in a new bouquet to adorn the kitchen table

the only problem was that as a child what you saw as beautiful flowers

were actually weeds that grew in the midst of a sea of green

It didn’t take your Mom or Dad to wake you in the summertime

the birds perched outside on the trees did that for them

and it didn’t matter how fast you could run

the birds were always, always faster

Summertime memories come back to me now

as I smell the first flowers of the season

as I drive by the children selling lemonade

to get enough money to finally buy that pool

yet that fifty-cents a drink will never ever

get put in the pool jar

not when the ice-cream truck is turning

around the corner playing a familiar tune

But that’s the great thing about summertime

when you are a child, there is always tomorrow

always a tomorrow to be Wonder Woman

always a tomorrow to sell lemonade

always a tomorrow to buy ice-cream

always a tomorrow to make a perfect bouquet of flowers

Summertime memories are endless

and I think that is because as a child summertime is endless

an endless day

that as an adult you’d love to have just once more