All About ‘Have Words…’ and Kelli

Hi There!

Thanks for stopping by to my blog. I am an aspiring author who loves to read and review books for other writers. I enjoy letting you know what’s new on the horizon in the realm of  both YA and NA dystopian, supernatural, suspense and romance novels. I personally write YA and NA supernatural and dystopian as well as writing poetry. I write poetry everyday, regardless of whether it gets put on paper is another story. In fact, I see my entire life as a story or a poem, depending upon the day, the issue, what I’m currently undergoing. It’s always been that way for me. I’ve always seen my life as poetry or prose. My wedding day? That has to be a poem. Why? Because I could never write a story long enough to encompass all the feels that day evokes. My eight back surgery in April, 2016? Hmmm…I think I could write that as either a poem or a story. I already have the villain, however, so perhaps I could write that one as a story.

The first thing I remember writing was a story about my dog, Bandit, in Kindergarten. It’s still a fantastic read. The only problem is that I also illustrated the small 6 page book myself and I am thinking at this point that sometimes the illustration drove the writing as opposed to the writing driving the illustration. For instance, I said that Bandit’s (a black and white shih-tzhu) favorite color was yellow. You wanna know why I wrote that sentence? Yeah, I would like to know as well. The only thing I know for sure is that at the bottom of the page is a giant yellow ball with a black-and-white tail sticking out of it. Ehhhh…what can I say? I was 5 (although, admittedly, my artistic skills still leave a ton to the imagination!) I got into poetry in 6th grade and learned to express myself and all of the angst my little teenage heart could express. I read some of them now and I literally laugh. Out loud. And duck my head. Out of embarrassment. Oh wells…

I love to read. I taught myself to read at age 2 and I haven’t stopped reading since. I love to read other’s work because I know that every tiny word I read is an education. I want to increase my knowledge of writing. I want to increase my knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. I also And I will continue to love it. I can’t imagine a world in which I wouldn’t have a book (or three going) and a book idea (or three going) all at once.

So, that’s who I am. A happy, happy wifey that loves to read and write. I love to tell you when I’ve found something that I think you may like to read as well…

Thanks for stopping by, you’ll never know who may guest post for me or which book I will be reviewing that day or what piece of info I’ll be sharing…

Thanks again!!




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