About Kelli

I was raised in beautiful East Texas where the trees were always green and smelled fresh year ’round. I have the unique perspective of being not only a pastor’s daughter, but a teacher as well. (Man! Looking back it’s easy to see why I was never able to get away with anything.) I come from a family of four kids and parents that love each more today than they did the day before. My teenage years were filled good times with family and friends. Of course I had issues…have any of you met a teenager yet who doesn’t? If so, take a picture and send it in to a scientific journal for further analysis. I bet you’ll find out your dealing with a new species!! Anyway, back to me…the way I dealt with my teenage angst was to write. A lot. Lots of poems of unrequited love and loss. Of how annoying my parents could be. Of how I couldn’t wait until I could get out of my hometown. All the thoughts and feelings that most kids keep inside until they can’t take it anymore and throw a crazy party to blow off steam? Not me…I wrote instead. (I still went to all those parties, of course!)
Writing has been my outlet as long as I can remember. If something made me happy, I wrote about it. If something made me sad, I wrote about it. If something caused me to feel nothing at all, guess what?! I wrote about that as well!
At 23, I met the love of my life. We dated for a month and then he proposed. Six months later we were married. We are enjoying our fourteenth year of marriage this year, and I must tell you something. I think one reason why God gave me the  wonderful gift of my one true love was to give me a muse. I can simply look at the twinkle in his eye and write for three pages.
Currently, my hubby and I are unable to have kids. (I say currently because I will not yet believe that this is a permanent situation for us). Even through this struggle, I have found writing to flow easily from my hand. I am able to deal with all of the jumble of emotions that come along with infertility such as anger, resentment, depression,  sadness, longing, and loneliness through the written word. Being able to write about these hearbreaking feelings and events is healing. And it gives me hope.
My two adorable furkids (Gizmo and Macy) also give me inspiration. Watching them run and play and live so freely helps to inspire me to write more freely. How cool is that?!
So, that’s my story.
Hope you enjoy my blog. I enjoy putting it together for you as well as for myself.
Keep reading and writing! Or at least stare at a piece of paper for a while and see if you just can hear inspiration knocking at your door. And once you get hold of inspiration, don’t ever let it go. I know I won’t!

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