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Never Forget…09.11.01 to 09.11.16…15 years later…


I will never, can’t ever, won’t ever forget.

I woke up earlier than usual & turned on the t.v. That’s when my life changed forever. Matthew was stuck at work. His job was at that time in a secure building and they wouldn’t let anyone leave. I was home alone with my Macy girl, on the phone with my dad, Gary, when the second tower was hit. We were both speechless as we watched and then cried together and prayed over our nation. I watched Peter Jennings as he reported live the horror taking place in NYC, Washington DC, and a beautiful meadow in Shanksville, PA, try and fail to keep his composure. I cried that day, and in the days after as Matt told me that his company had to remove FOUR ZIP CODES because the towers fell, every channel became a 24-hour news channel broadcasting those who were “missing” and all of the eye witness accounts of heroism by just random people. I will never forget hearing the stories of those who continued to run towards the danger, not knowing or caring that it was terrorists who had caused this. I will also never forget that it was terrorists who did this, and wish I could forget watching the video of the senior members of Al-Qaeda cheering when they heard the damage inflicted was more than they could’ve hoped for. Sick. It still makes me sick to think about, and oh, how I wish I could forget that short snippet of video. I will never forget, because to do so would be to forget the lives that are gone, the thousands and thousands of families who were immediately and irreversibly changed. I refuse to forget the tears streaming down faces, covered in God only knows what, of those who had by true miraculous design lived when in reality they should’ve been in the towers but instead were late, or ill or some other mundane thing that kept them away that day. I will never forget watching our President, in a moment of extraordinary strength and grace, standing on top of some of the rubble telling the first responders that the world could hear them as they fought fatigue, toxic air and the fear that they would find a body as well as the fear that they wouldn’t, and the cheer that followed that gave me chills 15 years ago and still gives me chills today.

I will never forget how absolutely blue the sky was here in Texas as well as NYC that day. I will never forget the complete, frightening silence as air travel ground to a halt. I’ll never forget hearing about the heroes on United 93, who found out what was happening and chose to not allow the terrorists to hit their target and their motto, the last transmission that was able to be heard with clarity, “Let’s Roll”, and how those simple words encompassed so much.

I will never forget…will you?


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