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Wednesday Write-Day…I Need a Distraction

Hey Friends!

How are y’all today? It’s a beautiful, hot ,  but thankfully NOT sticky day here deep in the heart of Texas! So I’m dreaming of cold weather, snow on the ground and the brisk scent of pine trees and icy weather in the air.

I’m dreaming that I’m sitting outside on a park bench, and there are these absolutely beautiful, big, fat snowflakes pouring down. I’m dreaming of having giant snowball fights, making Snow Angels and standing with my head hung all the way back on my shoulders, eyes screwed shut and mouth hanging open, tongue hanging out to grab each snowflake that falls. Oh, how I wish I could teleport myself to somewhere that would fulfill all of my weather dreams! ☃️☃️☃️❄️❄️❄️

OK, I just had to get that out! Now, I will do my best to focus. Today is actually supposed to be a write-in for me, and also a day in which I’m supposed to be packing to move so it’s probably a fantastic idea that I’m here in Texas where our only dream is hoping that the heat index stays below 110º!🙄

🤔🤔I’m also going to have to make my little guy find somewhere else to chill for a little while! He’s all cuddly today, which would be great if he wasn’t a little heating blanket! Oh, Gizmo, what am I going to do with you?!?! Precious boy!!! 🐶

Well, I have decided that I will allow you, my fantastic reader, distract me!
And I would like to distract YOU as well! I have the perfect way to distract you…

This post needs some traffic…

I know I’m not the only one distracted or looking for a distraction…

I would love to give someone an opportunity to get a $15 Amazon card OR I’ll pre-order ! So tweet this post on Twitter and/or share this on Facebook and comment below with the Twitter time stamp and/or the Facebook post link. I’m closing the contest Saturday at 12:00 noon and will pick a winner at 5pm (This is all central time)…

Thanks for being a great distraction, but I really have to get back at it!

Have a great day! Love you all!



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