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NaNoWriMo Is Here Again!


I seriously can’t believe that NaNo is here again. It works out perfectly for me this year because I just had my FIFTH back surgery (not awesome btw) and can’t really do anything for the next two months. I mean – this time it’s a no-holds-barred don’t raise your arms above your shoulder and WHATEVER you do, don’t you DARE bend at the waist. Because of these restrictions, I am literally locked in to only touching things that are between my shoulder blades and my waist. So far, it’s been a barrel of laughs!! However, I think it’s going to help keep me going with NaNo since I can’t do, you know, pretty much anything else.

Anyway, I am going to do my best to keep you guys updated on how my NaNoWriMo is going. I think I’ve really got a major winner this year.

So far – I wanna keep it a little on the dl – just until I flesh it all out. 🤐However, I’m gonna give you the genre & the title and I’m going to give you a chance to help me choose different scenes each Tuesday! 😱 Does that sound as fun to you as it is to me?! I hope so!

OK, so the genre is YA Paranormal. Lots of action, lots of romance!

Title: Salem Prep Book One: The Hunted

iPhoto (courtesy of ~ awesome right?!)


So get ready – Tuesdays Will Be Choose-Days!!

I can’t wait to hear your ideas! 😀







Happily married, aspiring writer that thinks sometimes the destination is worth the journey. Sometimes the journey is worth the destination. Then again, sometimes the journey is just HARD and the destination isn't worth the time it took to get there. Sometimes the journey is EASY and the destination STILL isn't worth it! The only constant is that there is always a journey and always a destination. I would LOVE for you to follow me on my journey and together we can find the destination. So, come on, we have to keep on keeping on!

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