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Author Spotlight: Another Excerpt from ‘Alice in No-Man’s-Land’ by James Knapp

Hey Y’all!

Here is yet another excerpt from Alice in No-Man’s-Land to entice you even more to get this book. I’m telling you – you’re going to love it!!


Exclusive Excerpt:

Barks overlapped one another, popping up over the sound of claws on blacktop as the dogs closed in behind me.

Three of them raced ahead and then turned back to block my path, barking and growling as the others moved in from behind. I veered toward a box truck that rested on two of its rims in front of the bus but in seconds they’d surrounded me and had begun to move in. When I turned back I saw there were now easily ten or fifteen dogs in the pack, of all different sizes and breeds.

The white one lunged at me and I recoiled, tripping over my own feet and almost tumbling to the ground. I grabbed the door handle to the truck and pulled but it was locked.

Up. You have to get off the street.

I scrambled up the side of the cab, using the runner, then the side view mirror to climb toward the roof. One of the dogs grabbed the bedroll on my back in its jaws and shook its head with such violence that it pulled me off balance and I went face down on the hot metal but before it could drag me down the fabric ripped, and it fell away. I managed my way up onto the roof, and then hoisted myself up on top of the tilted surface of the truck’s box car.

The dogs swarmed around the truck, growling and barking. They paced back and forth, lips pulled back from their teeth as their hungry eyes glared up at me.

They can’t get up here, I told myself. They can’t climb. They can’t come up here.

One of them jumped up on the hood and put its paws on the windshield. Another one joined it, claws tapping on the metal as they paced, judging the distance to reach me. I looked around. There was a fire escape with a ladder on a track in the alley just to the right of the bus’s back end. If I could make the jump…

The first dog scampered up the windshield, strands of drool trailing from its jaws as it stared up at me with rheumy eyes.

“Good boy,” I told it, as it advanced. Another dog, a patchy black one, leapt up to join it. Both of them growled.

“Good boy…”

I turned and ran the length of the box truck and jumped across, landing on top of the bus with a hollow metal thud. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the man reach the other side of the street and head for the alley there as I thundered down the length of the roof.

My foot found the edge and I launched myself toward the ladder, arms flailing in the air. Below the dogs followed, yipping in anticipation as I lost momentum much sooner than I thought I would.

As I began to fall, I made a desperate grab for the ladder. One hand banged off the side, pain jabbing up the length of my arm as my other just managed to grab the bottom rung. I held on as rust flaked loose, and the ladder began squealing down on its track toward the street below.

Good – isn’t it?! It’s really a fantastic read!! 

Look for my review on Sunday. Until then, there is one more Exclusive Excerpt post as well as my Interview with James Knapp. I’ll talk to you soon!

Here are the Buy Links. Get it now! You know you want to!!!

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Goodreads




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