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Friday’s Fierce Feature: Dear Professor by Blaire Drake

Happy early Friday morning!
****This Post Intended For Mature Audiences Only****
I have a hot and spicy COVER RELEASE for you to put on your Christmas list this year since Dear Professor by Blaire Drake will be released in December 2015. Be sure you use scroll down for an excerpt, info about the author and a GIVEAWAY!!!! 

Here’s the COVER! I told y’all it was spicy!!!

Here’s an excerpt: 

Dear Professor,
Does it bother you that you’re ten years older than me?
Have you ever thought it’s wrong that you watched me f**k
another guy on camera for months?
What do you want from me, really? All I wanted was my letter
of recommendation, but now I’m stuck, aren’t I? Stuck under
your thumb… and your body.
From cam girl to personal whore, and all by the age of
twenty-one. You’ve got me good, haven’t you?
But guess what? I can play too. Grab the polish, because
I’ve found your skeleton, and it’s time to dust.
I’ll see you in class.
Oh and, Sir? I’m not wearing any panties.
Love, Darcy
P.s. you’re an a**hole.


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About Blaire Drake
Blaire Drake is a pseudonym for a New York Times best-selling author who wanted to let her kinky side out after dark.
Her debut novel, DEAR PROFESSOR, is releasing this December, and promises to be fabulously fun and filthy.



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