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Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been incommunicado for the last few days. My DH(Darling Hubby) and I moved into a new apartment complex and don’t have internet yet. For someone who’s chosen profession is to read books sent to me over the Internet then use said Internet to either review or tell you about an amazing book coming out as well as hopefully one day have a book published that you could read on the once again mentioned Internet well, as you can imagine, I’m going absolutely insane. Ok, I know that y’all aren’t on here to listen to me cry, whine and grieve the fact that we’ve been without Internet for SEVEN DAYS!!! Because of this lack of Internet…  

Oh…I miss technology, I miss talking with you guys! Even though I am having problems with no internet and basically no cell service unless I stand on one foot, close my right eye and sing 🎶Under the Sea🎶 from The Little Mermaid!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Anyway, just know that I am figuring out a workaround and will be posting some FANTASTIC information in the next couple of days!

Love you all and thanks for following me. If you know someone who you think would enjoy my random posts as well as Book Reveals, Book Launch Celebration Day, Book Reviews or getting to read some of my writing, invite them to follow this blog along with you. 

I mean, think about it…if I write something that is absolutely ridiculous; y’all could get together and laugh about it or feel bad for me because I’d never intentionally write something goofy!

So, look forward with me until the day I get even the tiniest bit of coverage and can inform you about fabulous books that are releasing in the next few days!! 





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