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Ruins BT Banner

Hey Guys!

I am taking part of this amazing blog tour for The Ruins, a YA (Young Adult) dystopian novel written by T..H. Hernandez. The Ruins is the second book in the fantastic The Union Series.

I’ll be writing a REVIEW OF The Ruins ON WEDNESDAY, but I’m so excited about this book that I wanted to share this info with you now. Give you just a little taste of the book, in case you want to buy it, you know, right this very second. Which you do, trust me!!

Below you’ll find some SUUU-WHEET teasers, as well as info about T.H. Hernandez and links to purchase the book. Of course, you’ll also have a bit of my commentary in between pics and teasers, so keep reading! (oh, & you’re welcome for the eye-candy! ;))

Hemsworth-Reading Newspaper photo tumblr_m60bh1OCNe1r7keo1_zpsfcd96381.gif

Also, they’re hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway in which they are giving away e-Books, signed paperbacks as well as some awesome swag! Make sure you get in on that! I know that I’ll be entering!


Ok, here’s the first teaser – OMG the feels! The feels!!!

TheRuins_Teaser4 I seriously LOVE this line! It’s so perfectly written. I mean, I lift my gaze to meet his warmth spreading through me”. Gah!!! The feels! The writing! The JOY you can feel in one sentence! T.H. Hernandez is seriously talented. I know this first teaser is all about the love, but this is the second book of a series. I don’t want you to think that everything is just abso-freakin’-lutely amazing and everything is perfecto because of course there’s got to be some trouble, some drama, some “Awww Snap, Stuff is about to get real”, ya know?. Otherwise, why would we read it?! LOL 😀

That being said, here is a brief synopsis of The Ruins:

Heartbroken, grief-stricken, and wracked with guilt, seventeen-year-old Evan Taylor returned to the Union, leaving behind the boy she loved.

Now, she and her friends must find a way to do the impossible – warn the citizens of the Union about an impending rebel attack without alerting the government and risking retaliation against her friends in the Ruins.

When every move Evan makes is thwarted, it soon becomes clear she’s being watched. Faced with a daily fight to stay one step ahead of her pursuers, she returns to the Ruins. But life in the Ruins has its own dangers, and soon she’s fighting a different battle – to stay alive long enough to discover the truth.

THE RUINS is the second book in THE UNION series, a young adult romantic adventure set in the near future.

Doesn’t this sound absolutely fantastic? Absolutely riveting? Just wait – here’s another teaser that will have you clicking to purchase The Ruins ASAP!


Oh, I just want to give her a GIANT HUG! From this little snippet, it really sounds like she could use one! 

Sorry, I had to throw a little Twilight action into the mix because, you know, it’s um…it’s Twilight and I love me some Twilight!

Here is the cover. I hope you LOVE IT as much as I do and can feel the vibe of the book from the cover alone. I know I did!

 The Ruins (The Union Series _2) book cover by T.H. Hernandez

I love the use of the various shades of green as well as the slight tribal feel it has to it. The tribal feel really makes sense once you’ve read the books and can understand the difference between the two worlds, basically. Remember, this is a YA Dystopian, so more often than not, there’s going to be at least two factions, worlds, societies, etc. Anyway, I think I might’ve gotten sidetracked…again! 🙂 lol

I really think that this book as well as this series is going to be extremely popular! Here are the links to purchase the book so you can get lost in The Ruins!

Buy Links:

Goodreads | Amazon

OK, so I’ve told you a little about the book, and remember that I will have my REVIEW of The Ruins up on Wednesday. Now I want to tell you a little about the author, T.H. Hernandez.

Here’s a picture of Ms. Hernandez. I totally dig and am completely jealous of the purple in her hair. I really want purple in my hair. Wow…here I am, off topic again! Why do I keep doing that? Oh, I guess it could be because I REALLY WANT PURPLE HAIR, SHE HAS PURPLE HAIR and I just want to reiterate: I REALLY WANT PURPLE HAIR!  Ha!

Author T.H. Hernandez

“When not visiting the imaginary worlds inside my head, I live in San Diego, California, with one husband, three children, two cats, and one dog. In addition to my day job as a technical writer and editor, I write young adult fiction. I love the intensity of teen emotions and the way they’re still figuring out life.

When I’m not writing, you can find me with my nose in a book, hanging out with family and friends, hiking or knitting. I’m obsessed with Facebook, young adult novels, bad lip reading videos, pumpkin spiced lattes, microbrewed beers, and the San Diego Chargers.”

Here are links so that you can follow T.H. and see what she’s up to:


Goodreads | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram


Here’s the link for the Rafflecopter contest. There are e-books, signed paperbacks and SWAG up for grabs! Good luck and come back WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24th FOR MY REVIEW OF THE RUINS. 

Happy Reading!
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  1. You should totally get purple hair. Because it’s fun and also because it fades really fast, so you can get a different color next time. Trying to decide right now what mine will be…


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