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Kai’s Playlist ~ Sweet Temptation

For all you #SweetTemptation lovers out there (myself included) the wonderful, amazing, giving, fabulous Wendy Higgins has given us the gift of Kai’s playlist! She said that many are reader suggested, which is simply too cool! So if you’re like me (and we all know that #ISighForKai) I hope you will enjoy this list, support the artists on it, and hopefully this will suffice until we can get another sneak peek of #SweetTempation! THANK YOU, WENDY HIGGINS, FOR GIVING US ANOTHER PIECE OF THE #KAI PUZZLE. YOU SERIOUSLY #ROCK!!!!

*Artist for Let It Rock is Kevin Rudolph

Soooo, now that you’ve looked at it (or listened to it) – can you guess which song goes with what?! I am working on figuring it out myself. Comment and let me know and we can discuss and wait impatiently PATIENTLY for #SweetTemptation to fall into my hot little hands and I read it cover to cover in one sitting – regardless of how long it takes me to get through Kai’s #story. 



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