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Fall With Me 3/31/2015

Oh yeah, it’s happening. Jennifer Armentrout’s next book drops on 3/31/15. That’s right, the next book in the Wait For Me series is here. And it’s gonna be steamy. That I can promise you. This series is fantastic – you can read the entire series starting with Wait For Me or you can read these as stand alone books (though I wouldn’t recommend because the other books are truly wonderful!) I know some of you are thinking, but Kelli, you’re a JLA super-fan. While that may be true (and yeah, it’s totally true 😍) let me tell you why these books are so great. They’re not only steamy, they’re funny, sexy, serious, goofy, relatable – all in all – they’re PERFECTION on a page! Here’s a teaser for y’all:

The next book in the Wait For Me series! Woohoo! Hot! These books are fantastic…you can read the entire series or these can be stand-alone reads. They’re funny, sexy, serious, goofy - perfect!
Available March 31, 2015. Yay!!


Happily married, aspiring writer that thinks sometimes the destination is worth the journey. Sometimes the journey is worth the destination. Then again, sometimes the journey is just HARD and the destination isn't worth the time it took to get there. Sometimes the journey is EASY and the destination STILL isn't worth it! The only constant is that there is always a journey and always a destination. I would LOVE for you to follow me on my journey and together we can find the destination. So, come on, we have to keep on keeping on!

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