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Fall With Me 3/31/2015

Oh yeah, it’s happening. Jennifer Armentrout’s next book drops on 3/31/15. That’s right, the next book in the Wait For Me series is here. And it’s gonna be steamy. That I can promise you. This series is fantastic – you can read the entire series starting with Wait For Me or you can read these as stand alone books (though I wouldn’t recommend because the other books are truly wonderful!) I know some of you are thinking, but Kelli, you’re a JLA super-fan. While that may be true (and yeah, it’s totally true 😍) let me tell you why these books are so great. They’re not only steamy, they’re funny, sexy, serious, goofy, relatable – all in all – they’re PERFECTION on a page! Here’s a teaser for y’all:

The next book in the Wait For Me series! Woohoo! Hot! These books are fantastic…you can read the entire series or these can be stand-alone reads. They’re funny, sexy, serious, goofy - perfect!
Available March 31, 2015. Yay!!


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