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Everneath Series by Brodi Ashton Book Review

If you enjoy Greek Mythology with a twist, then this is definitely a series you will want to sink your teeth into. It is the story of Persephone told in modern times and it kept my interest throughout the entire series. In fact, I honestly devoured these books. Of course, in typical YA fashion, there is the wonderful boy that the main character of the story will do anything in the world to reunite with as well as a smoldering bad boy that’s good in all the ways that count. Our bad boy is Cole and it’s only at the end of the last book that we find out his true motives for his bad behavior. That was an interesting development. More often than not, I can figure out what makes the bad boy tick well before the end of the series. Also, the wonderful boy, Jack, is truly wonderful and I grew to love him more and more as the story progressed. However, the star of the series is our heroine, Nikki, and she gives as good as she gets in the series. She will do anything she can to save those she loves and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by her dedication – I mean – she is a teenage girl for goodness sake. Teenage girls often change their mind about everything they believe in 100 times a day, but Nikki is different, and it’s a refreshing change of pace. I really don’t want to say much else about this series because I don’t want to give anything else away. It’s truly a great series that if you are like me and enjoy Greek Mythology a lot; you will enjoy this series immensely. So pick up the series: Everneath, Everbound and Evertrue and let me know if you agree with my assessment or see things totally different. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


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