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What Defines You?

I have been thinking about some things recently and am wondering if any of you ever think about the same. When you tell people your profession, do you tell them that you are a writer or an author?

When I first decided to take my writing seriously and do it as my full-time job, I was almost embarrassed to tell people that I was a writer simply because so many people consider writing a hobby, just as I did before I realized I was unhappy doing anything else with my life. However, there was NO WAY would I ever tell people I was an author. It hit me one day though that I actually have authored many things throughout the years, so I began to really think about why I felt so inadequate in calling myself an author. Perhaps it is because when I think of the word author I think of people such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, the Bronte sisters. More recently I think of authors such as Jennifer Armentrout, Rachel Caine, Victoria Mead, John Green and Wendy Higgins. Then I think of myself in the same class as these fantastic Wordsmiths and giggle thinking I could in any way put myself in the same league as these amazing people.

Then I look into their bios, their blogs, their websites and I realize that there is only one GLARING distinction between us is the fact that they have something published and I don’t – YET! So, does this mean that the words author and writer are synonymous?  Is it only social conditioning that causes us to call one or the other? Is it simply based on whether we’ve had something published or not?

What do you think? Are we selling ourselves short when we call ourselves writers (which sounds more like we simply write random things on a daily basis) as opposed to an author (which infers that we have actually completed a work?

Give me some feedback on this one, guys. I am really interested in what you all think. I look forward to your comments.


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2 thoughts on “What Defines You?

  1. To me, tge difference comes from creativity. A writer can be the person who literally took notes in a meeting. A writer can scribe what is dictated to them. A writer is what you become when you realize that the sounds you hear in a word are represented by the squiggles we call the alphabet and begin to put them to paper to make words.
    An author is a creator. They hatch a story concept and see it through to completion. They spin words like a web to fully entrap the reader in the story. The use words to connect with the reader. This isn’t mere scribbled words, it’s a precisely timed dance.
    Writer is what you do. Author is who you are.


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