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Book Review: Alienated Part II

There are a few things that I have learned on my roadtrip – two stick out in my mind: it’s still a long drive to California from Texas and blogging is not easy when you are exhausted beyond belief. so, I was unable to keep my promise to get it out to you as quickly as I wanted to – but – I’m at my destination now and am ready to go. Are you ready? OK, well, let’s get going then! As I said in my teaser: Alienated is a fun, smart read fraught with teenage angst, deception, romance and more drama than a high school production of Les Mis, and yet, at the same time discusses the much bigger and deeper issue of racism (literally) and how easily fear of differences can incite hatred. This is Melissa Landers ( amazing book written during NaNoWriMo (yeah, I freely admit jealousy regarding this little tidbit ~ I’ve not written anything this good in 30 days ~ YET!). Pros: As mentioned before, this witty novel has drama – lots of types of drama as well. Drama, drama, drama… The female girl, Cara has a mom that’s been healed of cancer, a brother that would rather live on a different planet than spend time with the family, 3 student aliens that are in NO hurry to come to Earth and feel as if the ‘powers-that-be’ named The Way have lost it trying to intermingle the two species. Since teenagers know everything to begin with, and evolved teens at that, of course they question The Way.
Cara (human) and Aelyx (L’eihr) {and his name is pronounced A-licks). Of course at first they don’t like each other – I mean – this is becoming a pattern in most YA books. There are two groups: those that want this alliance to work LEAP – the L’eihr Exchange Ambassador Program and the group that wants them gone and sells the typical propaganda of fear and hatred. Their name is HALO: Humans Against Halo Occupation. They consider and call themselves patriots. I don’t want to give too much away because this is a great, great book and SUPER FUNNY – 100% worth the read, but here comes a huge CON!
As great as this book is – it still sticks to the typical YA ideal – boy meets girl (oh, man, this was so freaking funny), boy HATES everything about girl, girl hates pretentious boy, one becomes friendless except for the other and in the end, guess what – they FALL IN LOVE! It seems to happen more often than not. Don’t you think? However, even though I call this the major CON of the book, the way it happens is superbly written and I’ve not read anything else like it.
In the end, you’ve got to read this and figure out for yourself if you like it. I loved it: regardless of the fact that it followed what seems to be the typical YA outline.
It’s most definitely worth a read – Melissa uses the typical YA outline to really make you think about racism. Do we still use the propaganda of fear and hatred against each other who are here on earth – who are humans just like us? In the book all the humans in HALO got together to hate the L’eihr community and the only reason was because they were different from each other. Perhaps this is coincidental, but I believe Melissa Landers meant to make us think about what we think of those around us. Do we want them as a part of our lives – like the LEAP program or are we going to give in to the HALO concept of bigotry, ignorance, hatred and fear mongering? The book really made me think about this in a way that YA books don’t. JUST READ IT – SHEESH – IT’S REALLY WORTH YOUR TIME!
Oh, and the best line of the book? That would be when it is Cara’s birthday and her boyfriend, a member of HALO discuss the gifts they gave Cara for her birthday. Aelyx simply says:

“The fact that you purchased an inferior gift hardly seems like any failing on my part. It’s common knowledge that shiny rocks are preferred among human females.



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