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Favorite Times

The air is still and it’s quiet. All I have is a pen and paper in front of me as well as about ten books beside me. It’s a struggle, I’ll be honest, trying to decide if I should read or if I should write. I normally write in the evening (ok, late at night, honestly) and read at all other times. But, there’s something peaceful about writing in the early morning hours, sitting outside, watching the sun begin to peek out from behind the clouds or make it’s grand entrance into a clear blue sky. The sun’s entrance always gives me a warm,fuzzy feeling though when I am writing. It can be problematic, though. If I am writing something dark, I have to stop myself and work on another project. Otherwise, the darkness of whatever I’m writing begins to turn and suddenly everyone’s getting along and the darkness leaves the piece. That’s not good! There’s just a sense of hope of a new day that brings joy to me as well as my writing.
Of course, this is not necessarily discussing poetry. A poem can hit me at any time of day and I have to get it out of my head and onto paper as soon as humanly possible. For that reason, I keep my writing notebook with me everywhere I go. If for some reason don’t have my writing notebook, I’ve been known to write poems on the backs of receipts, on napkins, on my arm, really anywhere I can. Do you do this as well?
What is your favorite time of day to read and/or write? Are you organized enough that you have scheduled a certain time to write? If so, how do you do this?! I’ve tried to schedule out my time for writing and it’s honestly the one time in which I will just stare blankly at my computer with nothing in my head. Now, if I’m sitting there in front of the computer and am supposed to be paying bills or some other mundane task, I will suddenly have an entire short story mapped out in my head and I have to get it out so that I don’t forget even one tiny detail. Gasp! Could you imagine? 😃
So, comment back and let me know when your favorite time to write is. I am really interested to see if you’re organized or if you’re like me and just write when it hits you. I hope to hear from you!


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