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The Jury

Breathing in, she felt
The coolness of the fall night
Envelope her.
Chilling her.

What was it that had her in such a fright
Why was she so scared
It was just an ordinary night
She hoped. But was prepared.

All the bad things she had
Done in her life
Could be laid out before her
On this most dreary of nights.

What was that noise
“Is someone there”
She called out feebly
Into the dark air

We know what you did
Was the frightening reply
She looked all around her
She looked to the sky

“I didn’t mean to do it”
She choked out
Tears brimming in her eyes
But there was no other sound

Suddenly, a voice
Louder than before
While a jury of glowing eyes
Glowered down at her.

Oh!-I did it! I did it!
But I did not mean to offend
Her jury screamed out
Of course you did!

You meant to do it
Just like all those before.
You meant to destroy us
But now we are stronger than before!

Out of the dark
Eyes began to appear
Only a few at first
Then, more and more began to leer.

You did it! We know you did.
But we’ll never tell
Your sins will surface
And show how you fell

Fell from grace
Fell from hope
Now just put on
Your sins as a rope

“But, I’m sorry!” she screamed
They did not care
She had made her choice
Now she must make repair

The damage is too great!
They screamed in disgust
And now we will help you
Return to the dust

She begged for mercy
But none ever came
No one ever saw her again
But everyone knew her shame.


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