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Ink Stains

The act of writing is very cathartic for me. Typing a story into a computer is easier, but it just doesn’t feel the same to me as using a pen and getting all of my thoughts out on paper. I find myself looking at the ink stains on my hands as badges of honor. The paper cuts are war wounds in my mind, reminding me of how much effort I put into my craft. Holding a story that I penned in my hand is my own personal reward.
I find that I am able to write with more freedom when I write on paper. I am 100% ‘anal’ when it comes to typing on the computer. No word can go misspelled; I have never been one able to wait until the end of a document to correct it. I have to fix whatever it is right then. It can really slow me down, and cause me to get out of my creative frame of mind.
I am working on a short story right now. I can honestly say I have never been more proud of a work than I am of it. It’s on paper of course. I hope to actually go through the process and get it published when I am done. Until that time, I will be writing furiously in my spiral, creating characters, a plot, a twist, and an end befitting the beginning. I love what I do. Do you?
Write today. Go buy yourself a cheap spiral and get to work. Who cares if it ever gets published. If you write it, it’ll be magnificent. Just enjoy the process and allow yourself to be free. It’s definitely worth the ink stains!


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